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  -  Painting Exhibition   -  “Zophoriazouses”: A bow to the ancient Greek female beauty

“Zophoriazouses”: A bow to the ancient Greek female beauty

“Zophoriazouses”, is the thematic title that inspired me for the exhibition of works that I created by studying in depth and re-drawing with precision on ancient Greek statues of female deities but also on crocus collectors, from the famous frescoes of Thera.

Several years ago I came into contact with the technique of ancient Theraic frescoes, I envisioned bringing these wonderful female figures into the present, recreating them with a modern technique and with immense respect for the Cycladic culture.

For two of the statues, Aphrodite of Milos and Victory of Samothrace, famous all over the world and objects of admiration in foreign museums, I wondered numerous times why they had left their residency and what I could do about it. Element that motivated me in their representation, as well as the possibility of someone who wished, being able to enjoy them hanging on the wall of his house.

For myself, “Zophoriazouses” not only architectural concept but also essential, meaning the one who brings life, is a bow to the ancient Greek beauty and the artist who captured it.

“Zophoriazouses” was a promise to myself that I tried to fulfill.

Palida Georgoulakou.